October 13, 2017

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Tips to Implementing the Best Digital Campaign

September 21, 2018

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Tips to Implementing the Best Digital Campaign


Did you know that over one-third of CMO's believe that digital marketing will account for 75% of marketing budgets in the next five years?


If you don't believe it, try to go online without seeing a digital advertisement. It's almost impossible. Ads are everywhere online and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 


We can confidently say that soon enough, the only way you'll be able to compete and have a share in your market is through digital marketing. 


It's time for your business to get ahead of the game and invest in high-quality digital campaigns. But, how do you go about implementing the best digital campaign? 


We're here to tell you how to create campaigns that'll reach your target audience, get you the ROI you're looking for, and develop into leads and sales. Stick with us.



What you need to create the best digital campaign:


A budget with defined KPIs


For your campaigns to run and develop effectively, you'll need to determine a budget with Key Performance Indicators (also known as KPIs). KPIs are measurable units that help evaluate the success of your marketing objectives. 


So, define one or a few main objectives you want your company to achieve as a result of your digital campaign. Do you want to increase your sales by 25% or be at the top of the mind for your consumer?


You'll also want to define how much money you're able to spend on digital marketing ahead of time. Remember you can always add or subtract from the budget if something's not working well. 


An analytics and research plan


While you're mapping out your budget and KPIs, you will need some research from past digital campaigns and analytics to make these decisions. 


You may think one digital platform will attract your audience more than others when this is actually not the case. Consistent research and A/B testing will allow you to gain insights on what your audience is responding to. 


It's crucial to define at least one analytics platform to consistently measure your digital campaign from start to finish. Google Analytics is a great start!


A consistent user experience


Consistency is always key to any form of marketing, especially in the digital world. 


While your message may vary slightly from platform to platform, you'll want to have the same idea and concept with every experience. 


Your logo and color scheme should have a recognisable feel. Your voice and tone should read the same and display familiarity. 


A well-defined target audience 


While all of this planning is super important to killing your digital campaign, it won't be seen if you're not targeting the right audience. 


Start by building user personas and defining what platforms these users are interacting with, what their wants/needs are, etc. 


You want to zero in on the people that actually have potential to buy your product.


An optimised landing page


Last but not least, your digital campaign is most likely set up for the user to take some sort of action. Which is typically measured through the use of a landing page. 


When creating your landing pages, they need to be optimised. The user needs to be able to get the message and find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.


Great landing pages feature clear and concise content, attractive typography, they are relevant to the advertisement, they feature a CTA, and they are visually appealing to look at. 


While these are vital components you need to creating a digital campaign, there's a lot more that goes into them as well. 


You can't just create the campaign, sit back and hope it works out how you had planned. 


You need to clearly think it through, listen to your research and analytics, always have the user in the front of your mind and keep up with digital trends


Digital is always changing and it's only going to continue to grow as we adapt to new platforms and technologies. 


Are you looking to get more out of your marketing and partner with a team that creates and delivers accountable solutions tailed to your business? Get started with Montanez & Co.!  


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