October 13, 2017

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September 21, 2018

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Social Media: How to Get in the Engagement Game and Stay There



Social media has become a key element of digital marketing, but getting it right is crucial. If you’re looking to build engagement on your social channels, and maintain it, you’ve come to the right place.


In the early days, you didn’t need too much theory behind your activity. Simply post a few updates and that would be that. However, in today’s crowded digital world, you need to carefully plan and execute activity to stand out and drive engagement.


Here are some tips on building and maintaining engagement:


Use monitoring software


Before you even begin your social activity, consider using some free monitoring software to see what is happening in the social media sphere. Platforms such as HootSuite allow you to monitor mentions of your social media handles, as well as giving you the opportunity to set up feeds to monitor other accounts, hashtags and other things.



Schedule your social activity


In addition, you can schedule posts so that your social activity can continue when you’re unavailable. Using statistics or monitoring software, you can identify when your posts attract most engagement and schedule them to publish at those times. This means a much higher chance of your social activity being successful over a sustained period of time.



Join in with trending conversations


A key element of social media is to be conversational - not salesy - with your audience. You can take this further by proactively engaging with audiences through trending topics, joining in with social conversation even if it’s not directly related to your business.  It can help drive engagement, awareness and increase followers to your accounts.



"Social Media is for
Engagement and Branding,
not Traffic or Sales"



Create intrigue


An effective way of sparking engagement is to create some intrigue on your social channels. It could be a product launch, teased over a period of time, or perhaps do some unique research and drip feed some of the headline findings out via social ahead of releasing the full report. This also makes your social accounts carry more authority and become more trustworthy.



Personalise your approach


As we’ve mentioned, taking a conversational tone on social media is key, but you should also personalise your approach. Keep your tone consistent, refer to products or trends in the same way and if customers ask questions, be sure to engage with them. Even if you don’t have answers initially, go back to them in the future when you do have them – it demonstrates a personal level to the communication that will help boost engagement.



Allow customers to shape your products and services 


Some companies have taken the social communication and involvement of customers to new levels by allowing them to shape future products. We’ve seen it with voting on favourite flavours of food products, for example. If there is a service or product that your customers can get involved with, then allow them to help shape it. Not only will it drive engagement, but you’re much more likely to sell a product to customers if it’s what they have requested and fed in to.


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