October 13, 2017

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Tips to Implementing the Best Digital Campaign

September 21, 2018

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4 Reasons Why Your Digital Agency Must Boost Your Content Marketing


The world is full of DIYers. 


Just look up the term DIY dentistry on Google. It's scary!


And while there are some great challenges to be had in doing a lot of things yourself in this world, sometimes you just need a professional to get the job done right.


Here are 4 reasons why you might need help with content marketing from a digital agency.


1. If You're Not Making It About Your Audience


A business sometimes treats their content marketing blog like a personal journal.


They will write about their trip to Japan to source Koi for their Koi pond business. Or they might write congratulatory posts about employee achievements. 


While this information is great, it's not useful to your client or customer.


A boutique digital agency can show you how to write content that imparts useful knowledge and it is audience-centric... without breaking the bank!


2. If You Sound Like a Used Car Salesman


You want people to buy your product/service or click your affiliate links. That's actually a great thing. And we're all about that. 


But if your content sounds like it's coming from a second rate automobile salesman, you've got a problem. 


"Salesy" content is offputting. It really leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you read it. Instead of pushing your product like a kid selling lemonade, be subtle.


Your first goal in content marketing should be to answer questions about your niche. Your second goal should be to sell your product. And your third goal is for repeated business because they trust you and your offering. 


A digital agency can help you re-tool salesy content. This will completely restructure your content marketing for the better.


3. If You Stuff Keywords Like an Italian Baker Stuffs Cannoli


Bad SEO can sink your content marketing campaign faster than the Lusitania. 

SEO is a balance. If you can't strike that balance, you'll be stuck on page 2 in your SERPs. Did you know 75% of search users don't go past page one?!


If you're prone to bad SEO practices like link or keyword stuffing, then you might want to consider help from a digital agency.


4. If You Think Quantity Trumps Quality


You've heard it said, "Content is King." And if you take that to mean write as much jibberish as you can, you might consider that half of industry specific social media shares include content sharing.


We can create a lot of great content. But if it's not quality, it's not shareable.


Quality over quantity.

That's the way to do content marketing. 


Asking for help isn't a bad thing. On the internet, you're not an island. The internet is a network of resources. So don't hesitate to hire a digital agency to craft your content for you, especially if your business is in Surrey.



Take Advantage of Available Resources


It's always wise to use all the available resources you can afford. So maybe it's time to hire an agency for your content marketing needs or at least get their professional guidance on how to do it.


A one-day workshop, an eBook or instructional video on an specific skill or topic is what may take to get you in the right track.



Have you hired a digital agency? How have they boosted your content marketing? Let us know in the comments below.



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