October 13, 2017

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Tips to Implementing the Best Digital Campaign

September 21, 2018

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Turning Traffic Into Profits. How to Increase Your Website Sales.



The high street certainly has its allure, but when it comes to revenue generation, there’s no denying that the online retail industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.


Fuelled by convenience, choice and competitive pricing, the latest statistics from the Ecommerce Foundation confirmed that in 2016, Brits spent a massive £133.7 billion shopping online. This represents an increase of over 16% from 2015, with experts asserting that growth is only set to continue in 2017. 


Put simply, opportunities are titanic. But the market is also hugely competitive, which means giving your website an edge is an absolute must.


To help you turn traffic into profits, we’ve put together a SME-friendly guide covering key ways to increase your website sales. 


Outline measurable goals


The absolute first step to increasing your website sales should be to outline measurable goals. If you don’t have an end goal in mind it can be incredibly difficult to achieve results.


Logically speaking you can’t improve what you can’t measure. So, start by pinpointing specific goals, and make sure you have the technology in place to track your progress. 



Play around with your ‘opt-in’ positioning


Emails and newsletters play a huge role in conversions. This means that the bigger your subscriber list, the higher your online sales.


Maximise sign-ups by playing around with the positioning of your ‘opt-in’ offer on your website. Its location can have a huge impact on how many subscribers you reel in, with the top left of the page one of the most effective spaces.


Spend a month trialling three or four different locations, record sign-up rates and then settle on the space that lures in the most subscribers.


Experiment with hover ads


Most online consumers are intrinsically programmed to ignore pop-up ads, with many using pop-up blocking software to avoid them entirely. That said, if they’re consciously browsing your site, they’re far more receptive to relevant pop-up content.


So, to get around pop-up blockers and connect with responsive browsers, try experimenting with hover ads. Powered by smart technology, they behave like pop-ups but don't get blocked.


Success rates can be incredible, with some businesses reporting increases of up to 500%. 


Reduce friction


In all business transactions, there’s always some form of conflict involved. The term represents the doubts, frustrations, second thoughts and hesitations people have before they hand over money.


The issue is only enhanced in an online context as there’s no face-to-face interaction or physical element to reassure the customer.


So, to maximise your online sales and convert infidels to believers it’s important to minimise friction as much as possible. Most importantly, you should make sure your website clearly addresses all FUDs (fears, uncertainties and doubts).


You should also cover the basics, like making sure your site is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to use.


The final transaction process is another major point of friction, with frustration stepping up as one of the main causes of shopping cart abandonment. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to hand over their precious cash by simplifying the process as much as you can. 



The conversion process isn’t easy. But with the right approach, a dash of creativity and an in-depth understanding of what makes customers tick, you can actively increase your website sales within weeks. 


So, what's your next step to turn traffic into profits? Comment below and let us know if you have any questions, we'd be happy to help.



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