October 13, 2017

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September 21, 2018

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Typography and Content Marketing. Why it DOES Matter?

9 Mar 2018

 Textual content is the bona fide backbone of any content marketing campaign. Words play a pivotal role in engaging customers, highlighting USPs and explaining why your product or service matters.

But what about the visual side of how your message is delivered?


What about the subtle ways the aesthetics of a letter can influence buying behaviour?


Or the fact that Helvetica is widely considered one of the most perfectly proportioned typefaces of all time, while Comic Sans endures a rep as the most hated? 

We leave you with this nugget so you can decide for yourself…




Plain and simple, typography is one of the most important ingredients in the content marketing pantry. And without a structured approach to it, you could be selling your entire campaign short. 


Defining typography

So what exactly is typography? In practice, the term refers to the art of arranging text. From websites and pop-up ads to business cards and printed marketing materials, typography applies to any context where words are used to add meaning.


Ultimately, the goal is to embody a premeditated feeling or emotion associated with the content, and influence the way in which consumers perceive the intended message. 

For example, a font that’s tall, bold and block can inspire a sense of confidence. Think banks, insurance companies and corporate entities.


Similarly, a font that’s italicised and sensual can imply anything from indulgence to sophistication. We’re talking Cadbury’s, Ray Ban and Virgin.


Meanwhile, children’s brands tend to embrace bright colours, rounded lines and a hand-drawn aesthetic. 

Good typography is underpinned by creativity, innovation and a deep understanding of how to connect with customers. Often, typography defines the aesthetic appeal of a brand, and determines whether or not customers are inspired, engaged and ultimately, converted. 


Case study

To prove our point that typography matters big-time, let’s take a look at one of the most iconic typography achievements of all time: Coca Cola.


The swirly typeface is a global icon, with timeless appeal. Its effortlessly ‘cool’ logo plays a chief role in powering its multi-million dollar merchandise market, and maintaining its reputation as a trendy, laid-back, ‘good times’ oriented brand. 

While font and typeface are often used interchangeably, the latter refers to the visual aesthetics of a font, while the former refers to the specific style. 




Fonts have a powerful effect on our minds and on how we perceive a brand and its content - no wonder why typography is a crucial, uncompromisable element of brand guidelines! 


To help you understand how fonts are perceived, check out CrazyEgg's infographic below on the psychology behind the font choices.


Image credit: CrazyEgg



So, remember:

  • Design with a different font for headlines and the main body copy -visual hierarchy- so your visitors can easily read (or scan, if online) your material.

  • Keep in mind how easy is to understand the text, focus on readability, how the words and blocks of type are arranged on a page.

  • Select the font for the format or device it will displayed on. Imagine how difficult it’d be to read a handwritten style on an app or mobile!

  • Sometimes less is more. A good typeface can be understated, yet delicate and stylish


There’s no escaping the fact that even with the most talented copywriter onside, text content will fall short unless it’s backed with a deliberate typography strategy. 


So, if you need to get your words make a big impact, we will help you piece together a beautiful marketing campaign, backed with both typography and content that makes an impact and engages. You're just a click away from making it happen.


Or maybe you have further questions on this post? Let's us know on the comments below.


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