October 13, 2017

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Tips to Implementing the Best Digital Campaign

September 21, 2018

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Bigger is Better, Isn't it?


Large marketing agencies might have bigger resources and budgets at their disposal, but who’s to say a smaller, boutique agency can’t yield the same or more effective results? There are actually plenty of reasons why consider a smaller agency, particularly if you’re a small or medium sized business.


In this article, we’ll share some of the reasons why we think a nimble agency is the perfect partner for your marketing efforts - and what it means for your business!



Quicker sign off and turnaround


Let’s say there’s a really hot topic in your industry right now. You’ll want to jump right on that trending topic and create some content or run a campaign related to it, and maximise your brand’s position in the process.


Time waits for nobody, so a boutique agency here can be a great asset. You’ll strip away the need to speaking to several people about the same thing, and instead be able to get the project signed off and delivered quickly, while it’s still relevant. That’s exactly what you want when time is of the essence!



A personal experience


It’s a lot easier to work successfully with people when you know them well, isn’t it?


With a nimble agency, you’re likely to have one or two key contacts. In fact, you can often be on first name terms with the entire team within one or two meetings. That means it’s really easy to build up a fruitful relationship - for both parties.



A direct helpline


Another great benefit of working with an agile agency who know you inside out, is that you feel able to get in touch with. And they’re also much likely to know exactly what your problem is, and how they can help you overcome it.


With little red tape and admin in the way, a nimble agency can get to the bottom of any issue, quickly and efficiently. When you need something, you know exactly who to turn to.



Small = flexible


There’s nothing worse than when you want something, but can’t have it. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant where they no longer have your favourite dish on the menu. What if the chef could still rustle it up, just for you? Now that’s great service.


If you’re in need of a particular campaign, a small agency is likely to be accommodating and flexible enough to create a bespoke offering to suit your needs and resources. 



Open to ideas


It’s no bad thing for an agency to have set ways of working. But this can pose a problem; they may be offering the same thing to all of their other clients.


What if you want to try something different?


A small, boutique agency is very likely to be open to your ideas. And they’re also likely to be willing to take risks or try something new. Even if it is a pilot, the experience of trying new ideas can help you to fine tune that new digital activity, prove a concept before securing bigger investment or keep you ahead of the competition.



Great things come in small packages


Just like chocolates (as you know, our favourites!), the perfect recipe for marketing your business can be found in the smallest of wrappers.


For small to medium businesses, a smaller agency is often exactly what is needed. With time at a premium, consider a small, nimble agency that can help you design and deliver your marketing so you can concentrate on your business and most importantly, generating profits.


If you're looking for an agency to support your business, get in touch for a complimentary initial consultation to see how we can help you.

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