October 13, 2017

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September 21, 2018

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Video Marketing Tips

13 Oct 2017



When it comes to effectively marketing your business, there are plenty of avenues to consider: websites, social media, email, blogs, catalogues - just to name a few - these are popular marketing channels for businesses both big and small. 


Yet, many forget that videos can also be included in their marketing plan and with so many uses for a video as well as places to upload, there really is no reason not to give it a go. 



 “ I want to try video but I have no idea what to include in it! ” 


This is a common question asked by businesses who are new to the idea of video marketing. How you use video will depend on the services or the products that you sell. It will also depend on you as a company too. 


Here are some ideas that will help you to get started: 


  • Showcase your product- if you have a product that you are proud of, then why not use it as the focus of your marketing video. Show your customers what the product is actually like, the quality of the build and finish.  

  • Explain how it works- do you have a product that needs instructions? Create a “How to” video and let your customers know exactly how it works. Not only will they learn more about your business but you can even use it as an opportunity to cross promote some of your other products too.

  • Bring your reviews to life- Are you proud of the positive reviews you have received from your customers? Why not ask them to create a feedback video rather than writing their experience? Seeing someone talking about your product or service can motivate other prospective clients into coming to you. 


Tips for creating a great video


Now you have an idea of what type of video you can make, you might want to know how you can make sure that it is good quality and appeals to your customers. 


  • Why not add a personal touch to your videos? Use your own staff to present them and allow them to talk about how long they have worked there and exactly what they do on a day to day basis. You could even talk about things that happen outside of your everyday business dealings such as team building events or award ceremonies; anything to show that you are real and build trust in your brand. 

  • Another great tip is to make sure that you make the most of every part of your video. Not only does the footage itself matter but also the music too. You can buy high quality sound clips from popular websites such as Shutterstock or alternatively why not see if a local musician can come up with your soundtrack? This shows you are interested in the local area and also helps the musician promote themselves too. 

  • Upload it! Once you have made your video it is time to upload it. Here you can choose from a variety of channels including YouTube, Vimeo and Vine.  Just make sure that you display your video in a platform that’s it is going to be seen and interacted with; after all, this is the very point of making it in the first place. 


No matter what you want to promote, keep always the customer in mind, be original and have fun filming.  And if you need any assistance or have any questions, get in touch, we'll be happy to help you with video making, editing and promoting of your product, service or business.




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